Meet Kelly Dingee


Kelly Dingee is a Senior Manager, Global Talent Acquisition for Marriott International. She has extensive sourcing experience having worked for Staffing Advisors (retained search), AIRS (training!) and Thales Communications, Inc., (cleared/telecom) and got her start in the profession while a full life cycle recruiter at Acterna (now known as Viavi).  Lucky for Kelly, she had a boss who could see the potential of sourcing candidates from the web, and in 1998, she stepped into a newly created sourcing role. No truth to the rumor that she has a side business to help you push your resume to the top of Google search results…

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1.  The elevator just closed and you’ve got 30 seconds to pitch the random reader on who you are and why they should read your rants.  Go

I’m a researcher. Whether it be to find talent for current opportunities, or exploring new technologies related to sourcing and recruiting. It’s what I do. And I’m really into it. Spend 5 minutes with me and tell me your sourcing troubles. Who are you having trouble finding these days? And what’s your plan to find them?

2.  Now for the mundane – break down your location, title, company/firm and what you do for a living..

DC Metro (aka Frederick, MD) – I am a 100% telecommuter – Strategic Recruiting Manager for Staffing Advisors.

My jobs just keep getting better and better. I like working in a small shop. Making my own rules, and testing the limits of who I can find online. My current job lets me have a hand in everything I enjoy about recruiting today, strategic planning, researching and social media.

3.  One more question that everyone expects.  What’s the reason you’re in this game? (why do you do what you do?)

Amazingly enough – because I really, really enjoy it.   There’s not a day when I don’t want to get up and go to work. I know now more than ever what I want out of my career.

4.  If you’ve ever been to a professional baseball game, you know batters from the home team get to pick their own theme music as they walk from the dugout to the plate.  If we ever have a FOT convention, what theme music will you come out to to pump the crowd up and why?

This is a hard one. The Pretender by Foo Fighters is one of my all time favorites… but Sara Bareilles “King of Anything” is me to a T. Nothing like a happy sounding song that tells you exactly what you can do with your opinion.

5.  Let’s stick with the baseball theme.  If you’ve ever been to a pro game, you also know that the visitor doesn’t get to pick their own music.  The home team picks that for them, and it’s usually less than stellar as a means of attempting to crush them.  If you could pick theme music for your arch-rival to walk into a conference room to, what would it be and why?

Bust A Move – the Glee version. This song makes me laugh out loud as soon as the guy says “bust it”. Bonus, you have got to move when you hear it. (PS – Can someone please find an actual video clip? You’ll get a free membership to FOT’s secret club if so…)

6.  Finish the following sentence – “When I’m interviewing, I can tell within one minute that this thing isn’t going to work out because _________…”

the candidate doesn’t know jack about the company. Good grief – do some research before you come in!

7.  Name the actor/actress that will portray you in the movie about you.  Why the heck is that a fit?

Well hey, it’s a movie right? I think I want Kyra Sedgwick. Doesn’t look anything like me but I like the way she lays down a souther drawl when she needs to.

8.  List three of your favorite books to pander to the educated segment of our readership…

I’m more of a blog and Twitter reader now than ever… still I find I go back to:

  Who Moved My Cheese?  – Joe Millington, a VP I worked for at Acterna, suggested this book and it has been invaluable over time

I’m a huge fan of Charlene Li – great books on social media  includingGroundswell and Open Leadership.

And I do have a copy of Twitter for Dummies on my shelf by    Laura Fitton. I’m a fan. She’s got a cool company and her pre-  keynotes at TWTRCON are some of my favorite conference sessions   ever.

9.  List three of your favorite movies to connect with the segment of our readership that doesn’t like to read…

Movies, huh?  That apply to work?  Well……that’s kind of challenging – I view them as a huge form of escapism.

The 1978 version of Halloween is one of my favorites….

C’mon – Life really is a box of chocolates……..Run Forrest Run!

Everybody has a guilty pleasure – one of mine is Steel Magnolias


10.  Let’s reach out to what remains of our readership.  Who’s your favorite Old-School Rapper and why?

Sorry – Can’t go too old school here – I love Lose Yourself – it’s a “bring it on” kind of song!

10.5.  My first car was a Pontiac T1000 and here’s how it defined who I am….

I’m loyal baby – my dad and my grandfather had more than 50+ years logged into the the great GM.  I have always owned a GM car.  Want the company to come out with a super stellar hybrid so I don’t have to break tradition after all these years.


See Kelly’s riffs and rants on Fistful of Talent here…